What we offer

We work with schools and the community to offer support and consultations for young people and their families. This will often take the form of collaborative work between schools and families to problem solve complex situations to support the wellbeing of young people.


At Telford, consultation is central to our model of supporting schools children and families. Through meeting with parents, schools and young people, we collaboratively work together to create a joint understanding of the complex situations around young people and jointly construct steps to help families move forward. We offer consultation  to schools and families Find out more about our consultations.

Training for Education Providers

We provide a wide range of training to educational settings, covering many areas of child development and applied psychology within schools. Examples of this may include attachment training, emotional coaching or whole school wellbeing approaches. Schools can contact their link EP for more information on training that can be offered.

Autism Education Trust (AET) Training

The Educational Psychology service offers Autism Education Trust Training for educational settings (including Primary, Secondary and Post -16 providers) in collaboration with the Learning Support Advisory Teacher (LSAT) team.

Last year we provided Lead Good Autism Practice (LGAP) training for all educational settings in Telford and Wrekin. We are currently supporting Autism leads within schools and offering Good Autism Practice (GAP) or Making Sense of Autism (MSA) training to schools and post 16 settings. Further information about this training can be sought from the school’s link EP or LSAT.


Emotional Literacy Support Assistant Training (ELSA)

Telford EPS is proud to annually offer Emotional Literacy Support Assistant training for learning assistants within primary and secondary schools. This training consists of 6 weekly sessions, where ELSAs are taught the principles of emotional literacy and the psychology to support children’s wellbeing. ELSAs are continually supported through supervision by an Educational Psychologist. Further information can be sought from your school’s link EP.











Work in our Community 

PODS (Parents Opening Doors)

We have partnered with PODS to support parents who have children with Autism. Our team provides group and individual sessions to support parents with Autistic children in their daily lives.

Strengthening Families 

The Blue Sky Project

We are partnering with strengthening families to support children and families who have had difficulties returning to school since the national lockdown or are currently not attending education for an extended period. The Blue Sky Project, being led by our assistant psychologist and strengthening family workers is using systemic family therapeutic approaches, as well as Acceptance and Commitment therapy to support families and children re- integrate into society and education. Find out more here.

Collaborative Working

At Telford EPS, we consistently work with a wide range of professionals to support children including, early years, portage, Speech and Language, social care and mental health support teams to ensure the whole child is considered and cared for.


At Telford, we work closely with our colleagues within the SEND team at Telford and Wrekin council to ensure a holistic view is offered for young people. Throughout our traded work with schools, we liaise closely with Learning Support Advisory Teachers (LSAT), to give holistic insights to children’s learning. In addition, we are collaborating on  joint projects with the LSAT Team.  Find out more about our co-delivery of Autism Education Trust (AET) Training and our support for the literacy pathway for children with significant reading and writing difficulties. 

Our service is collaborating with the Virtual School to support children in care. Find out more about our specialist practitioner for the virtual school.

We also collaborate closely with the Sensory Inclusion Service to support children and young people with hearing or visual difficulties.

Close communication with the Multi-Cultural Development team is crucial to provide opportunities for all child and young people. We are currently working together to support the effective educational and community inclusion of refugees living in Telford.


Telford EPS works closely with our colleagues in health. Currently, EPs are involved with supporting the child development centre (CDC) with multi-disciplinary assessments (MDA) for children under 5.

Connecting with other EP Services

At Telford EPS, we believe it is crucial to connect with other educational psychology services. We have strong connections with services across the west midlands, including Birmingham, Shropshire and Wolverhampton.

We have completed training with Stoke EPS collaboratively considering how to record outcomes for young people.

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