Bespoke Training and Consultancy

MDT offers bespoke CPD training for schools and other providers. Sessions are tailored to the characteristics of the school's learners and needs.

Areas that can be covered include:

English as an Additional Language in Schools and EYFS

  • Meeting the needs of new arrivals
  • Developing the role of EAL coordinator
  • Meeting the needs of more advanced learners of EAL
  • Introduction to EAL strategies for all staff
  • EAL & Maths
  • Developing EAL resources for use in whole class
  • Supporting the use of first language in school
  • Assessment and tracking the progress of EAL learners
  • Planning for language learning across the curriculum
  • On-going assessment of early stage EAL learners
  • EAL for support staff: in-class support
  • Planning for EAL interventions with individuals/ small groups
  • EAL Learning Walks and auditing EAL provision
  • EAL Policies & EAL register
  • How to develop Oracy with EAL pupils
  • OFSTED Deep Dives with EAL pupils
  • EAL and SEND
  • Understanding the Governors' role in an EAL school

Equalities, Diversity, British Values, Cultural Capital and Racism

  • Equality in Education
  • Preventing and Dealing with Racist Bullying
  • Use and Benefits of IRIS (Individual and Annul Return, Racist Incident Reporting and Recording System)
  • Use of persona dolls to promote equalities and diversity
  • Introduction to equalities and diversity issues for support staff
  • Embedding equalities & diversity in the curriculum
  • Equality Policy & objectives
  • Use of resources to promote equalities and diversity
  • Planning for specific teaching topics e.g. Black History/ migration/ festivals/ country studies
  • Working with Eastern European pupils and communities
  • The basic tenets of Islam
  • Working with South Asian pupils & communities
  • Embedding British Values in your school
  • Understanding the new OFSTED criteria and how it applies in practice
  • Meeting the needs of Refugees and Asylum Seeker pupils
  • UASC (Unaccompanied Asylum Seeker Children)
  • How to introduce pupils to other faiths, beliefs and practices
  • How Governors can support the understanding of British Values in schools

Each of these can be covered in greater or lesser depth and in one or more sessions according to the wishes of the school.

Bespoke sessions around EAL, equalities and Ethnic Minority Achievement or any request for specific training can be negotiated with the team.

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