Eatwell Project

What we offer

We provide a unique, exciting and fun experience for primary aged children, their parents the whole school community and other organisations to cook healthy food from scratch.

An overview of our practical sessions:

  • Knife skills;
  • Food and hygiene safety;
  • Healthy eating information;
  • Cooking and tasting what you have made;
  • Having fun in an interactive environment with fully qualified staff.

An overview of our classroom based sessions:

  • Healthy eating sessions encompassing the Eatwell guidelines;
  • Why Five A Day and the importance of vitamins and minerals in our body;
  • Reading food labels;
  • How much hidden sugar is in the food we eat and what impact does it have on our health.

All our sessions can be tailor made to meet the individual needs of each group.

Why choose us?

The Eatwell project supports primary schools to achieve the national curriculum aims set out in September 2014

  • How to apply the principles of healthy eating and good nutrition;
  • To teach children how to cook.

Our sessions empower children and adults and give them the confidence that they can make healthy fast food at home cheaper and quicker whilst having fun.

Evidence shows that children are more likely to try new things if they are involved in the cooking process.

Meet The Team

If you wish to meet the team, please click here.


Niki Andrews

Project leader

01952 380959

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