Behaviour Support Advisory Team (BSAT)

Who are we

We are an experienced and highly talented group of practitioners who work with children and young people aged 3-18, TAs, school support workers, teachers and senior leadership teams. We work to support inclusion in schools and settings in the area of personal and social development, behaviour for learning,Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) and well being.

What do we do?

We support schools to improve learning for young people with SEND, social emotional and well being needs.

We offer a wide range of courses, CPD and conferences in the area of SEND, social emotional and behaviour needs, along with in-school small group interventions to support settings in encouraging engagement and improving learning behaviour. We can provide Management of Actual or Potential Aggression (MAPA) training for Telford and Wrekin schools and offer a Nurture Group Network and support package. Our service aims to work in partnership with children, school staff, parents/carers and other professionals to encourage positive learning communities which meet each child’s needs. This will be achieved through a flexible, collaborative, empathetic and child-centred approach rooted in responsive, innovative and inclusive solutions. The advisory services are traded with the Local Authority schools, non Local Authority schools and other agencies who may wish to access the service.

Inclusion mentor support for individual pupils can be accessed through Fair Access Panel – FAP (Headteachers and LA Officers) as a Core Service. Group interventions are accessed via the traded services.

As part of our Behaviour outreach, we offer a support team of well-qualified and experienced practitioners in working with behavioural issues in early years, primary and secondary settings. We engage in working with pupils, parents, teachers, school support staff and whole staff teams to improve outcomes for pupils with behavioural difficulties. Schools may purchase a service level agreement for a comprehensive package of support for the year, or choose to buy in specific aspects of the service as needed.

Why choose us?

We provide:

  • A range of experience: Knowledge and skills to initially assess children and young people and to provide evidence base intervention.
  • In depth local knowledge: We know our schools well and the strengths of people in them. We have a long standing commitment to improving the outcomes for all children and young people within Telford and Wrekin and neighbouring authorities. Building on our years of strong partnership working, we are able to establish, lead, support and manage effective local networks.
  • A highly experienced valued team: Our cohesive team has been recruited for their proven abilities and professional expertise. We are consistently rated by our schools and external agencies as good and outstanding for our support and challenge, resulting in improved pupil outcomes and provision.
  • Accountability at a local level: Working as employees of the Local Authority, we are held to account through rigorous monitoring and evaluation of the services we offer – by you, by the council and the DFE. This ensures the service you receive is of the highest quality.
  • Value for money: Our In comparison with other providers, we believe that our support providers excellent value for money.
  • A proven track record: Successfully operating as a traded service since 2011 we are already working flexibly to provide a range of high quality bespoke schools improvement consultancy services and CPD courses to meet the needs of our schools.
  • Training to schools: To build capacity, equipping staff with skills and confidence to support SEMH.

What we offer:

  • Assessment and Advice
  • Advice to schools
  • School support
  • CPD/training
  • pupil Interventions
  • Pupil support

If you wish to know about the team, please click on Meet The Team

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