Attendance Support Team

It is essential that all children and young people registered for education at school, attend regularly and on time and that they access all of the opportunities that education offers.

Children and young people who do not attend school regularly are at risk from a whole range of factors that may lead to poor outcomes, including low attainment and social exclusion. The link between irregular/non-school attendance and poor academic achievement and limited or impoverished life outcomes has been well established.

Where help is needed, the Attendance Support Team (AST) will work with schools to improve attendance and reduce persistent absence.

What we offer

We have the Local Authority delegated responsibility to manage all legal interventions relating to school attendance which includes issuing all Penalty Notices. In addition, we collect data as required by Ofsted on children who are out of school, missing education or subject to a modified timetable. The Child Employment Officer also sits within the team although this intervention is statutory.

AST offers a variety of packages to support school/academy systems and processes to manage school attendance including:

  • An Education Welfare Officer;
  • A comprehensive menu of training

We can also provide sample policies to schools for attendance and Children Not Receiving Education (CNRE), Children Missing Education (CME), Children Out Of School (COOS) and Modified Timetables (MTT).

Why choose us?

We provide:

  • Extensive, expert knowledge of all related school attendance legislation and statutory guidance to underpin any advice offered to schools. We interpret this legislation and can provide concise summary reports;
  • Vast experience of dealing with a variety of cases when the presenting concern is a child not attending school regularly. This is often a symptom of underlying complex issues;
  • Guidance on the appropriate interventions for individuals or their families and support on the referral route to ensure the support is accessed;
  • Guidance and support on action planning and preparing data for inspections;
  • Training and action learning workshops so that schools can access all legal interventions to encourage the highest level of school attendance achievable and the most appropriate strategies for reducing persistent absence.

Meet The Team

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The Attendance Support Team

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