Radiation Protection Advisory Service

(for Secondary Schools)

Did you know that it is a legal requirement for all schools holding radioactive sources to have access to an appointed Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA)?

It is the employer's responsibility to appoint or consult with an RPA to ensure ongoing compliance with current regulations and best practice. In the case of Academies, the employer is the school governing body or board.

This direct link to an RPA can be very expensive and, for routine monitoring and advice, there is a much lower cost alternative: the CLEAPSS RPA scheme for local authorities.

What we offer

Our Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) is accredited through CLEAPSS to carry out the routine monitoring role by visiting schools periodically, checking their records and procedures, and liaising with the RPA where necessary. The school should not normally need to deal directly with the RPA.

You can subscribe to the RPO service through the School Performance and Development Service.

For an annual fee we will provide:

  • Access to a designated RPA through the local RPO
  • An inspection by the RPO of your school/college every two years, to ensure compliance with CLEAPSS (Consortium of Local Education Authorities for the Provision of Science Safety) doc L93
  • A comprehensive report from the inspection, including recommended action points
  • Access to the RPO via e-mail and telephone

Why choose us?

We provide:

  • Access to a cost effective alternative Radiation Protection Advisory Service;
  • A secondary teaching and learning specialist trained to carry out the RPO duties on behalf of CLEAPSS.


Anthony Snowden
07581 109477

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